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Who We Are


Established in 2019, PT. LEBIH CEPAT INDONESIA stands as a reliable provider of high-quality fitness equipment at affordable prices. Proudly serving as the exclusive distributor for AGAIN FASTER Australia, a global leader in functional fitness equipment, we offer an extensive product portfolio featuring renowned brands like CONCEPT2 and ASSAULT FITNESS.

Our commitment goes beyond being a mere supplier. With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry, including gym management, human resources training, and active participation in various sports, we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being. At Lebih Cepat Indonesia, we strive to be your comprehensive partner, ensuring that our proposed solutions best fit the needs of our clients from the initial project phase through the after-sales service support.

Going the extra mile, we actively support local and international events, not just by sponsoring but by immersing ourselves in the planning and participating, whether it be through sending our athletes to compete, volunteering, or providing essential support.


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Peter Sutono

Founder & CEO

Peter is a multiple business owner with many hobbies including golf, working out, coaching, and grilling steaks for his family and friends. As the founder of PT. LEBIH CEPAT INDONESIA, Peter brings a deep passion for sports and a commitment to promote healthy lifestyle. With over a decade of fitness industry experience, managing two gyms and consulting for many more nationwide, Peter knows a thing or two about starting and running a gym!



Operational Manager

As the Operational Manager at PT LEBIH CEPAT INDONESIA, Anton dedicates his utmost abilities and experiences to contribute to the development of the company. During his leisure time, Anton is a devoted father who enjoys spending quality time with his family and indulging in his favorite sports such as futsal and badminton.



Brand & Sales Manager

As the Sales and Brand Manager at PT LEBIH CEPAT INDONESIA, Sofia is a dedicated and experienced professional in the fitness industry. With 12 years of experience, Sofia has gained extensive knowledge of this industry and has a solid reputation in managing sales and strengthening brands. Sofia’s victory as the National CrossFit Champion demonstrates her commitment to fitness and her ability to compete at a high level

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Digital Marketing Manager

Yonde, as the Digital Marketing Manager at PT CEPAT INDONESIA, is responsible for managing various aspects of online marketing, including SEO, social media, digital advertising campaigns, digital content, and performance analysis. As a creative and analytical individual, Yonde enjoys traveling and researching trends or new developments.

Our Dedicated Fitness Mission

Since our establishment in 2019, our unwavering commitment has been to provide high-quality fitness equip- ment at affordable prices. We proudly serve as the exclusive distributor for AGAIN FASTER Australia, a global leader in functional fitness equipment. Our extensive product portfolio includes brands like CONCEPT2, ASSAULT FITNESS, and other diverse types of fitness equipment, catering to conventional gym, functional fitness gym, and much more.

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Dedicated Excellence

Our Everlasting Commitment

We strive to provide the best guidance, service, and support to all our customers. We also share a deep commitment to give back to our communities. In collaboration with CrossFit Garuda and Hotel Athlete Century, we organized the Reps For Rebuild fundraising event in 2019. Through these efforts, we success fully rebuilt two schools in eastern Indonesia.

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