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Align Pilates Indonesia offers a comprehensive range of professional Pilates reformers and Studio equipment offering exceptional performance and value. If you’re looking to buy a Pilates Reformer or add new accessories to your existing setup, Align Pilates Indonesia is your one-stop shop for all things Pilates. Browse the incredible range of Pilates equipment at Align Pilates Indonesia.


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Discover the transformative power of Pilates with Pilates Reformers Lebih Cepat Indonesia. Get ready to elevate your fitness journey and experience unparalleled strength, flexibility and core stability with one of our high-quality Pilates Reformers. Check out some of our top picks for Pilates accessories and equipment below:

Reformer Loops

Target your arms, legs and core with specialised reformer loops that add versatility to your routine, providing assistance or resistance as needed to simplify or challenge your workout.

Mattress Extenders

Increase your workout options by extending the surface area of your Pilates Reformer, allowing for a broader range of movements and a sweatier workout.

Gondola Pole

Take your Pilates workout to the next level with a gondola pole, offering additional support and stability during exercises. These poles are also beneficial for improved balance and core engagement.

Resistance Bands

Amp up the resistance and challenge your muscles further with our collection of adjustable resistance bands. Not only do these intensify your workout, but they also help you enhance your strength training and promote greater flexibility.


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Price vs. Performance

Price vs. Performance

So what is the Align Pilates Indonesia difference? Put simply it is affordability and an unmatched performance/price ratio! We believe we achieve this without sacrificing quality or reliability. However, don’t just take our word for it come and try the Align Pilates Indonesia difference for yourself – the vast majority do, do not look back!

Unrivalled Adaptability

Unrivalled Adaptability

The Align Pilates Indonesia equipment offer some of the most flexible and adaptable designs on the market. Adapt your reformer with interchangeable leg heights or add on a half/full Cadillac configuration. We endeavour to ensure any new developments are backward compatible so you’re able to update and upgrade your Pilates reformers and studio, offering you the ultimate versatility for your Pilates classes.

Equipment Specialists

Equipment Specialists

We are Europe’s Pilates equipment specialists. Founded in 2010 our objective is to bring studio quality Pilates equipment to European & World markets so the studio market can flourish, as it has in North America. By combining the manufacturing experience of our sister company, The Mad Group (whose Pilates-Mad brand has been the UK’s leading matwork equipment brand since 2001), with the extensive Pilates knowledge of its customers, Align-Pilates has created Europe’s own Pilates equipment company.

Patented RC Spring Bar

Patented RC Spring Bar

Our Rapid Change (RC) spring bar features integral carriage stoppers and is adjusted with the springs attached, it can be moved with one hand in a single action saving 3 to 11 additional actions every time you move the spring bar. The RC spring bar is a game changer in group reformer classes and it also prevents incorrect carriage stopper positions and the possibility of leaving your springs in a stressed position, which will reduce their life and performance.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Align Pilates Indonesia provides a commercial warranty, effective from the date of purchase, exclusively for the original owner only. We will repair or replace any mechanical component that malfunctions due to defects in materials and/or workmanship during the warranty period, subject to the specified conditions.

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